English Tutors in Bristol

Our English tuition programme provides english worksheets to help your children with writing skills necessary for primary and secondary schools in Bristol. A range of materials are available from our English tutors to allow the learner to read and write more confidently and extend their creative writing skills. Specific modules include:-

  • Handwriting
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Comprehension
  • Planning and Independent Writing
  • Exam Preparation

What do we do for primary children?

Primary school children can benefit by the synthetic phonics approach to learning to read and spell. As students learn and master the sounds of the english language, they are able to blend these sounds together in order to read words. This leads to an increase in vocabulary.

Spelling can be a concern as so many instant words or essential spellings cannot be sounded out and need to be learnt. Tutors can work with students to enable them to master the spelling of these more difficult words.

Children are encouraged to read for enjoyment, whilst working on grammar, punctuation and handwriting.

Children are encouraged to look at a range of reading material which will extend their comprehension and independent writing skills.

Our English tutors can also help with preparation for SATS at key stage 2, entrance exams, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

What do we do for secondary children?

Secondary school children are encouraged to read for enjoyment, and consider a wide range of reading material both fiction and non-fiction.

Tutors will encourage students to produce independent writing including reviews, arguments, persuasive writing, descriptive writing, dialogue, stories, playscripts and poetry.

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