Maths Tutors and English Tutors in Bristol

What we do...

Our Maths and English tutors provide expert private tuition from our centre in Westbury Park, Bristol. Our out of school tuition is suitable for all children from early years to GCSE.

North Bristol Tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience from teaching Maths and English for over 30 years. Tutors draw on a range of resources including specially tailored worksheets designed by curriculum experts, so children are developing skills in accordance with the UK school curriculum. Each child who learns with us benefits from a structured yet flexible programme, responding to each child's individual needs.

Our programme

The programme can be tailored for primary or secondary aged children and supports children as they progress through KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 of the current school curriculum. Developing study skills and increasing concentration, children are able to grow in confidence as well as skill.

English and Maths Resources are available which support children at key stage 1, key stage 2, key stage 3 and key stage 4. We are also able to support students with key stage 3 science.

Our Bristol based tutors can also provide support with end of year exams, SATS, TEFL, ESOL and school entrance exams.

Tutors are based in North Bristol and the location is ideal for students from Henleaze, Westbury Park, Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym i.e. BS6, BS8 and BS9. However we have supported students from all over the Bristol area.


The aim is for all students to work independently at their own pace and at their own level. The work that each student is given is geared at maximising progress. Students can make maximum progress by completing work in the workshops and continuing to develop on their skills by additional practice every day. The work given will be linked to the school curriculum and relevant to the students' school topics. The completion of homework relevant to the same topic enables the student to consolidate knowledge, develop good study habits and maintain motivation. Work is given according to each child's own abilities, learning needs and learning styles. Students are actively involved in their own learning and development of skills and knowledge.

If you would like to know where our Bristol tuition centre is, please visit our Bristol Tutors' Centre page

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